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Graduate procedures(For Undergraduate student)

  • Please follow the instructions to complete School leaving Procedure before the deadline.
  • Processing time and venue:

Date and time


June 21, 2021~ August 31, 2021  Working hours:08:30 AM– 17:00PM

Division of Registrar ( 3rd floor of Administration Building)

  • Non-Working Day :July 9, 2021;July 23, 2021;August 13, 2021;August 27, 2021.
  • Procedure for receiving a degree certificate:

Serial No.

Matters of concern



All grades have been submitted

  • Please check all grades have been submitted.
  • Please check your grades online in advance. If the grade has not been notified, please confirm with the teacher ; if the teacher had submitted, please contact the Division of Registrar.


Personal Information Checking

  • Please check the personal Information is Correct.
  • If you want to changing personal Information, please contact with Division of Registrar.


School Leaving Procedure

  • Please check and complete the following procedures for graduation and leaving school on "Online School Leaving System".
  • Route:NYCU Portal / 校務資訊系統 / 陽明交通大學 / Graduation Procedures
  • Contact Information of Office:



Division of Student Assistance -- reduction and exemption of student loans


Housing Center


IT Service Center




General service section


Division of Student Assistance -- Overseas Chinese and mainland Chinese Students


Military Training Office


Career Development Section


Property Management Section



Please contact with the Department office first.


Submit Student ID Card

  • Student ID Card:The Division of Registrar will return the student ID after inspection. If your student ID card is lost, please follow the procedure to  Reissuing IC Card.  


Receive of a degree certificate

(Must complete the above items)

  • Sign after receiving Chinese and English degree certificates.
  • If the student cannot pick up the certificates in person and need to entrust others to go through the school leaving formalities, please submit the identity card, student ID and the letter of authorization to the deputy, so that the degree certificate can be received on behalf.


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