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Graduate procedures(For Graduate student)

  • Please follow the instructions to complete school leaving Procedure before the deadline; if anyone cannot complete the graduation procedures before the deadline, please apply for delated graduation.
  • This method is applicable only to any student whose "Adviser Has No Access Rights to the NYMU Portal" (such as an Adjunct Professor, Off-Campus Adviser, etc.), please download and fill out Consent Form for the School Leaving Process of Graduate Who Have Completed the Master or Doctoral Program at National Yang-Ming University” before February 19, 2021.
  • The topic of the thesis should be the same as the “Consent Form of Thesis Approval” and "Registration of Graduate Degree Examintion Results".(※If there are any modifications, please modify on those documents before proceeding to the Registration Section for school leaving procedure.)
  1. Processing time and venue

Date and time


September 14, 2020 February 19, 2021

Working hours0830 AM– 1700PM

Registration Section

( 3rd floor of Administration Building)

  • Non-Working Dayr:January 22, 2021;January 29, 2021;Chinese New Year【February 10, 2021 - February 16, 2021】.

  1. Procedure for receiving a degree certificate(Before receiving the degree certificate, please complete the process below.)

Matters of concern


1Grades Check

  • Please check all grades have been submitted.
  • If the grade has not been notified, please confirm with the teacher; if the teacher had submitted, please contact the Registration Section.

2Completion of thesis amendment

  • After completed the amendment of degree thesis, please get a “Consent Form of Thesis Approval” after being confirmed then signed by the advisor.

3Upload of e-Thesis

  • Please follow the instructions of "Uploading and Inquiry of Thesis" in the library for uploading your thesis.
  • The authorization letter for e-Thesis will be given after being approved by the library (will take 1-2 working days), Print out and get a signature from the advisor on the authority letter.

4Notification of graduation

  • After the agreement of thesis approval has been signed and validated, please log in online to submit the “School Leaving Notice” according to the date of the signature. (Graduates who apply for delayed graduation, please do not submit the “School Leaving Notice” in this semester.)
  • Please fill the form correctly as the degree certificate will be based on the details filled. The degree certificate will be issued after 7 working days (need to complete the school-leaving formalities). Please arrange the schedule if you are in urgent need.
  • RouteNYMU Portal / Administration / Student Administration / Change of Enrollment Status / School Leaving Notice

5Print thesis

  • Please refer to the example for the format of the thesis.

The format of Front cover and Table of Contents. (Sample Download)

  • The inner pages of the thesis need to be bound
  1. A photocopy of the consent which has signed from advisor and the director of institute.
  2. A copy of the authorization letter for e-Thesis of the NYMU.
  3. How to apply for Postponement of Publication or non-disclosure of Thesis/Dissertation ?

6School Leaving Procedure

  • School Leaving Procedure Checklist:
  1. Advisor : The school leaving procedure can only go through after being reviewed and agreed by the advisor.※ Need to ask for the signature of your advisor before proceed to the next checklist.
  2. Student Housing Guidance Section  Foreign students can skip this step. (Ext. 62307)
  3. Military Training OfficeForeign students can skip this step. (Ext. 62255)
  4. Instrumentation Resource Center (Termination of Authority in Instrumentation Resource Center)Please follow the regulations of the Instrumentation Resource Center. (Ext. 62382)
  5. Laboratory Animal Center (Termination of Authority in Laboratory Animal Center)Please follow the regulations of the Laboratory Animal Center. (Ext. 62282)
  6. Career Development Section Foreign students can skip this step. (Ext. 62165)
  7. Library (Termination of Authority in Library)Check online for more detailed instructions on [Library] section. (Ext. 62311)
  8. Information and Communication Center (Confirm software application expenses) Non-debtor can skip this step. (Ext. 66111)
  9. Alumni Center (Confirm your personal contact information is correct)Check online for more detailed instructions on [Alumni] section. (Ext. 62140)
  10. Property Management Section (Return the graduation robe) Student who do not borrow the  robe can skip this step. (Ext. 62219)
  11. General Service Section (Confirm if there is any unpaid vehicle violation ticket)Student who do not violate can skip this step. (Ext. 62055)
  12. Living Guidance and Overseas Chinese Students Section Foreign students can skip this step. (Ext. 62207)
  13. Director Handle according to the regulations of various departments.
  14. Department OfficeHandle according to the regulations of various departments.
  15. Refund of tuition fees The tuition fee will be refunded according to the completion date of the student’s school leaving procedure and the date of the semester. (Ext. 62037)

(※Students that require refunds need to complete the above checklists and complete the submission of the thesis to Registration Section first before applying for the refund.

  1. Payroll Section (Refund of tuition fees) Student who do not apply for refund can skip this step. (Ext. 62080)

【7Submit documents

  • Submit documents to the Registration Section.
  1. One copy of the thesis (Hardcover or softcover copy) (Thesis collected are for National Library collection purpose).
  2. Consent Form of Thesis Approval(original version) (Download) (The signatures of advisor and director of institute are required.)
  3. Registration of Graduate Degree Examintion Results(original version) (Downlaod) (If you do not have original version , please confirm with the department first whether all documents have been submitted to the Registration Section).
  4. Student ID CardThe Registration Section will return the student ID after inspection. If your student ID is lost, please follow the procedure below. 

Students who lost their the student ID card, please download and fill in “Application form for Student ID Card replacement”, report the loss of student ID and cancel the refund procedure.  

8Receive of a degree certificate

  • Sign after receiving Chinese and English degree certificates.
  • If the student cannot collect the certificates in person and need to entrust others to go through the school leaving formalities, please submit the identity card, student ID and the letter of authorization to the deputy, so that the degree certificate can be received on behalf.

  1. Application for delayed graduation

Please complete the "Declaration of Passed Degree Examination but Unable to Complete the School Leaving Procedures" and apply to the registration team before February 8, 110 (Monday). (Tuition and fees are still required for the next semester)

  1. Application for Postponement of Publication or non-disclosure of Thesis/Dissertation
    1. Fill in the "NYMU Explanation of application for postponed or non-public dissertation/ Thesis WORDODTPDF", “National Library Delayed Publication Application” and attach the supporting documents . The application can be made only after advisor and Chairperson agree. (Registration Section will not accept the application if the supporting documents or the reasons for the application are not attached as required.)
    2. Please bind a copy of the“National Library Delayed Publication Application” on the inside of the thesis (before the approval of the thesis).
    3. Please submit the originals of the“National Library Delayed Publication Application”, the originals of the "NYMU Explanation of application for postponed or non-public dissertation/ Thesis" and supporting documents to the Registration Section.
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